WA Apprenticeship Management System

Current average processing times for registering new Training Contracts 
 Average Processing Time - June 2023
AASN processing time - from Training Contract signing to lodgement with Apprenticeship Office.
Apprenticeship Office processing time - from Training Contract lodgement to registration
*The processing time is based on the training contract data from 1 April 2023 and will be updated quarterly.
 NEW - for AASN Providers
A tool to assist in identifying the correct, current Traineeship/Apprenticeship from the options presented in ADMS/Ready Apprentice.
Current Apprenticeship Traineeship Verification Tool-September 2023

The Western Australian Apprenticeship Management System (WAAMS) online client portal provides a quick and easy way to view training contract details, request changes to the training contract, and update personal or organisational details. Employers can also view information about the Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive and submit incentive claims for eligible training contracts that have reached their payment milestones.

Apprenticeship Office News

•   Online Trade Certificate Verification (OTCV) - 20 Sep 2022 

Trade certificates that have been issued to apprentices who have successfully completed an apprenticeship in Western Australia can now be verified online. Follow the prompts under the new Verify Trade Certificate section on the WAAMS portal. If a matching trade certificate is found, the system will return the name of the apprenticeship and the date that the trade certificate was issued. 

The following fact sheet and user guides provide further information:

•   How to obtain a copy of your trade certificate or an extract of your training contract - 20 Sep 2022

A hard copy trade certificate is issued to every apprentice that successfully completes an apprenticeship in WA. Should an original trade certificate become destroyed, lost or stolen, an apprentice has the following options.

• Their trade certificate may be verified by submitting the applicable details in the WAAMS portal at waamsportal.dtwd.wa.gov.au
• They may download a copy of their trade certificate via the WAAMS portal
• An application for a replacement hard copy trade certificate can be made by completing the Application for a replacement trade certificate form available from the Apprenticeship Office website

Apprentices and trainees also have the option to download an extract of their training contract. Refer to the User guide - Learner Generate Trade Certificate Softcopy or Training Contract Extract for further information.